Morgenstadt City Insights

Our mission: implement joint-systems innovations

Facilitated by the German Fraunhofer-Society, the Innovation Network »Morgenstadt: City Insights« (m:ci) is comprised of high-level first movers already working in the field of urban sustainability in Europe and around the world. Using leading-edge innovation management methodologies, m:ci aims to develop and implement socio-technical innovations for the city of the future. »Morgenstadt: City Insights« focuses on the interplay of technologies, business models, and governance approaches for sustainable urban development. The fundamental goal of the network is to accelerate development that helps reduce energy and resource consumption while also enhancing the liveability and prosperity of a city.

Evolutionary innovation: The m:ci Network demonstrates and quantifies new markets and development potentials in urban systems for existing products, technologies, and systems solutions.

Revolutionary innovation: The City Insights Network identifies coming technology-effects and disruptive developments relevant to future cities and designs revolutionary new products, systems and business models.

The primary activities of the m:ci Network are focused in two areas. Firstly, on the design & implementation of innovative cross-sectoral projects: Task-force Groups focused on specific topic areas are designed to result in concrete project concepts with multi-partner, interdisciplinary consortia. Project development will be informed by demand-driven opportunities throughout the world. The City Insights management team will identify potential funding sources and both formal and formal opportunity windows for implementation on an on-going basis. 

Secondly, the primary activities of m:ci are focusing participation in strategic long-term collaboration with select cities globally (City Labs): In 2014 three cities will be chosen for a “deep dive” engagement with the m:ci Network. The “deep dive” will focus on accelerating the development and implementation of new breakthrough innovations within a comprehensive sustainable systems transition strategy. In collaboration with each city counterpart team, the process will include deep analysis, strategic road mapping, and project concept development and prioritization. Additional cities will be added on an on-going basis in the years to come.

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