Digital Running Platform 2024

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The digital running platform is a network for personalized prevention and rehabilitation through running. Jürgen Mennel (sports therapist, ultramarathon runner, and former vice-world champion over 100km), the initiator of the project, has been advocating since 2020 for an ecosystem centered around the »healing power of movement.« This ecosystem between medicine, sports, and technology aims to:

  • Raise awareness and educate about the health benefits of running
  • Conduct research on personalized health maintenance through movemen
  • Develop the necessary technologies and demonstrate their effectiveness
  • Connect and integrate stakeholders and disciplines
  • Initiate startups and support the development of sustainable business models
  • Work to establish prevention and rehabilitation through personalized training as a viable pillar of a sustainable and affordable health system.

The self-funded research project »Digital Running Platform 2024« is financed by the Fraunhofer IAO KODIS and aims to communicate the potential of the digital running platform and prove technical feasibilities. In October 2024, an event will be organized in Heilbronn where the network will come together and present itself to the public.

The Network

The concept of the digital running platform is distinguished by its interdisciplinary character, as it brings together partial aspects and solutions from various disciplines. The development towards a culture of prevention and rehabilitation deeply rooted in society is akin to an ultramarathon – a long and demanding journey. Several actors from medicine, sports, research, and business are committed to the digital platform, including:

  • Jürgen Mennel (sports therapist, ultramarathon runner, and former vice world champion over 100km)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Schwarz (Diabetes research, University Hospital Dresden)
  • Dr.-Ing. Manfred Dangelmaier (Head of Knowledge Transfer, Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart)
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Dillerup (Business Model Research, Heilbronn University)
  • Wolf Schwippert (Lawyer, GHORFA – Arab German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e.V)
  • Dr. Martin Weiser (Simulation Research, Zuse Institute Berlin)
  • Dr. Tobias Köppl (Simulation Research, Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin)
  • Yasmin Tehranchian (Medical Informatics, GECKO Institut Heilbronn)
  • Alexandros Giannakidis (Visualization Research, Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart)


The event planned for mid-October 2024 aims to bring together leading experts from medicine, sports science, research, and business to explore and discuss the synergies and potential of the digital running platform.

What to expect:

  • Introduction to the Digital Running Platform: A comprehensive overview of the functions, objectives, and benefits of the platform for various industries.
  • Interdisciplinary Discussion Rounds: Engage with experts from medicine, sports science, research, and business on the application possibilities and further development of the platform. 
  • Networking: Take the opportunity to network with professional colleagues and explore potential collaborations.
  • Live Demonstrations: Experience individual aspects of the digital running platform in action and gain insights into practical applications.
  • Details about the event will be published via press releases. If you would like to contribute to the event, please contact us.


Within the scope of the self-funded Fraunhofer research project »Digital Running Platform 2024« and our upcoming event to introduce the project, demonstrators will be presented live that represent partial aspects of the digital running platform. These demonstrators are designed to explore the technical feasibilities of Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing in data-driven and personalized sports prevention (therapy).

The research focus is on the interface between wearables (portable sensors that capture fitness data in real-time), AI services (data processing), and AR headsets (immersive data visualization in the user's field of vision).