Innovation Networks



Digital Running Platform 2024

The »Digital Running Platform« (DLP) is network for data-supported and personalized prevention and therapy through sport. During the in-house research project financed by Fraunhofer IAO KODIS, the potential of the platform is to be communicated and technical feasibility demonstrated.



since 2009


The automotive industry is currently undergoing the greatest transformation in its history and is currently characterized by dynamic and uncertain developments. The technological fields of the future in the automotive industry, which undoubtedly include the electrification of the powertrain, the automation of driving functions and the networking of vehicles, require new competencies.


since 2008


What will the hotel of the future look like?

This is the question that the Fraunhofer IAO is investigating together with business partners from the hotel industry within the framework of the innovation network »FutureHotell«.




since 2020

Future Public Space

All areas of our everyday lives come together in city centers. They are location factors, real laboratories and innovation platforms all at the same time. Together with the »Stadtretter« (city savers) and other forward-looking companies and municipalities, we are building a powerful alliance to think ahead and test tomorrow's solutions in practice today.


since 2012

Morgenstadt Initiative

Our mission is to create cities for the future. We understand cities as complex adaptive systems. We work together with cities, companies and research to promote local innovations and urban developments. By combining technological innovation, urban development and social as well as environmental preconditions, the Morgenstadt Initiative contributes to the creation of sustainable cities.

Selected Projects



In the EU project ACCSESS, carbon capture and storage technologies are being piloted as drivers for achieving societal climate neutrality goals. For this purpose, the application in key industries, the development of international transport and storage infrastructures as well as the social acceptance and integration in urban systems are considered.


Global Smart City Initiative

The project "Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities - global approach, local solutions", funded by the Federal Minestry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in Germany as part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), supports model cities in India, Mexico and Peru in the development and implementation of sustainable transformation processes.


Morgenstadt City Labs

We develop smart city strategies to transform cities and accelerate their sustainable development. By linking technological innovation, urban development and social and environmental conditions for sustainable and inclusive cities, Morgenstadt helps to create future-proof cities.