Mobility Innovation Lab

Research topics

Hardly anything has changed our world more than mobility. It is the driving force that shapes our cities and the way we go about our daily lives and work. In the future, our mobility systems will undergo rapid changes as a result of exciting developments in sustainable electromobility, shared usage concepts, ubiquitous digitalization and intermodal infrastructures. These advances require innovative approaches and revolutionary ideas to enable a transition to emission-free, connected and electric mobility – for instance concepts of vehicle automation. The research scientists at Fraunhofer IAO’s Mobility Innovation Lab are carrying out interdisciplinary work on these topics. Bilateral projects and innovation networks with industry and municipal partners ensure that visionary and application-oriented ideas come to be implemented.


The Mobility Innovation Lab incorporates a wide range of research areas in order to gain a holistic understanding of the mobility systems of tomorrow. The range of technically oriented topics includes the design and development of charging infrastructures and micro-mobility solutions as well as methods to integrate automated vehicles into conventional mixed traffic. In addition, the Mobility Innovation Lab creates prototypes and models to demonstrate and evaluate the solutions developed.